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Customer Service (1) Certificate Price - $245.00

Customer service is now essential for business and all work organizations.  With the increase of technology, human interaction with customers becomes all the more important.  Whether it relates to retaining customers, serving your audience, or turning inquiries from potential customers into sales, good customer service is now one of the central factors in organizational success.
 Learn to improve your customer service skills to enhance your career skill set, improve productivity, and increase your organization’s success. You will also take away some extraordinary customer service techniques you won’t find anywhere else.
Upon completion of both courses, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Classes offered: 2
Classes required for completion: 2
Mandatory Classes: 2
This Certificate is online.
Classes in this Certificate may be taken in any order.

Courses Available for this Certificate

Extraordinary Customer Service (1170002): Mandatory
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Keys to Customer Service (1170001): Mandatory
Learning to build your customer service skills will have a powerful impact on your career success as well as success in other areas of your life.  Through ......(more)